All You Need to Know About Rio Olympics 2016

Officially known as Games of XXXI Olympiad, 2016 Summer Olympics, this time, is scheduled to take place in Brazil where all the member nations of International Olympic Committee (IOC) are expected to compete; and since the host city is Rio de Janeiro, they are also being addressed as Rio games.

The games are scheduled to open on 5th August where for 306 sets of medals, about 10, 500 athletes from about 206 nations of IOC including the new additions- Kosovo and South Sudan- will take part in 42 Olympic sports. The games will continue till 21st August and the sports will also include rugby sevens and golf which were added by IOC in 2009. As per the schedule, the Sports events will take place at five locations in the host city, namely Sao Paulo, Salvador, Brasilia, Manaus and Belo Horizonte.

What to See in and Around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

When one is planning to visit such a place which is one of a kind, the desire to see all of its major attraction is quite understandable, even when experiencing the ultimate rush which Rio Olympic promises is the priority. Therefore, in case you want to have a look around or are planning to stay a few more days after the mega-event, there are enough venues in and about Rio de Janeiro which are worth visiting. Even if you are going to juggle between the events of your choice and the alluring destinations in Rio or its nearby cities, it will certainly prove to be a good idea, but make it worthwhile by renting a car hire for Rio de Janeiro and make your travelling more satiating and meaningful.

Listed below are some of the attractions that would prove refreshing, moreover, they offer enough to keep you occupied.

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2016 Summer Olympics Venues