Inexpensive Car Hire Deals in Brazil from Localiza


Founded in the year 1973, Localiza Rent a Car started its operations with just 6 used Volkswagen Beetles in its fleet. Over all these years, the good quality and premium service policy of this car rental company has helped it in reaching great heights. Gradually, Localiza began to buy out its competitors and it expanded its business across more than 11 global capitals, mainly in Brazil as well as other north- eastern countries.

Localiza started providing its premium car hire services in country cities in the year 1983 and started to make its presence felt across several international cities, including all the cities and airports in Brazil. As a part of its expansion process, Localiza converted its fleet division into a separate operational unit called TOTAL FLEET and continued operating in Brazil. Today, there are more than 22,667 cars present in the fleet of cars owned by Localiza Rent a Car.

These cars are used by Localiza for offering its own car rental services as well as supplied to several large car rental companies as well. The entire fleet of cars at Localiza is maintained and updated from time to time in order to offer best in class services to all travelers. Speedy car retrieval and competitive prices are some of the benefits of associating with Localiza in Brazil.